Why Peter Briger was key to establishing an Entrepreneurship fund at Princeton

Having graduated from Princeton University, Peter Briger understood the need to support the University as it launched the Princeton Alumni Entrepreneurship fund. This was a fund geared towards supporting alumni from Princeton develop their ideas and launch them into the market. Having worked in the financial sector, Peter Briger understood the difficulties faced by new business owners or entrepreneurs as they try to obtain funding from any financial institution. On the other hand, Peter Briger had seen how much they were capable of making and the level of growth that had been experienced by various successful startups especially in the technology sector. This has continued to remain true with some of the most successful being barely ten years old, and at the time of their launch, many would not have agreed to fund their ideas and more

Princeton has always produced business leaders, and this was something they were hoping to transfer to the entrepreneurship sector. By funding entrepreneurs, the school would encourage many more to bring their ideas to life and even if they did not find the funding, they would offer them a platform to announce themselves to the world. The concept would need to be funded and Peter Briger being one of the most successful individuals from the institution would be an excellent place to start. He and two others would offer the initial funding that has been used to actualize the dream for Princeton. The fund would establish a team of independent judges who would evaluate all projects presented, and from here they would decide who qualified for funding and how much. The team would also allocate each project a mentor who would help them navigate the various hurdles expected on the journey to grow the idea. Peter Briger has worked with Goldman Sachs and is now the Co-CEO of the Fortress Investment group, and he understands why mentorship for young entrepreneurs is essential. In the various organizations, he has worked for he has been able to interact with a number and committed to help them whenever he could. This was one of the traits that so him listed by Forbes Magazine as one of the most influential leaders in America.