Alejandro Betancourt Lopez’s Role in the Transformation of Hawkers into a Mega-Selling Online Store

Alejandro Betancourt Lopez is a renowned entrepreneur in the fields of energy and EPC and an angel investor. His best-known ventures include Auro Travel, Hawkers, O’Hara Financial, and EPG Easy Payment Gateway. He joined Hawkers in 2016 as an angel investor and has since transformed the company into a mega-selling online store. In the early years, Hawkers struggled to stay in business and shifted to reselling sunglasses from Knockaround to stay in business. Knockaround sunglass had significant resale potential that helped Hawkers become profitable.

After establishing itself as the official Spanish distributor of Knockaround sunglasses, the company adopted a new model to compete with luxury sunglass manufacturers like Gucci and Prada. The new business model helped Hawkers attract new customers through advertising deals. Hawkers experienced financial woes that almost contributed to its collapse because of high operating expenditures despite the success. Together with other angel investors, Alejandro Betancourt Lopez injected &56 million into Hawkers and more

Alejandro Betancourt Lopez holds a degree in business administration and economics from Suffolk University. Since graduating, he has established himself as a serial entrepreneur, administrator, and angel investor. After holding different executive positions in Africa and Latin America, he partnered with Hawkers. One of his best-known ventures is founding O’Hara Administration, which has grown to become a global asset management company. Despite the financial challenges of Hawkers, he was not afraid to explore the full potential of the company.

Alejandro Betancourt Lopez spearheaded the funding of Hawkers and took administrative control in 2016, which was marked by leadership and general operational changes. He capitalized on the company’s established online enterprise to boost its online presence on social media platforms. Alejandro Betancourt Lopez also helped Hawkers gain more visibility by partnering with like-minded brands like El Ganso. Under his leadership, Hawkers transformed into a brand of choice and was valued at $70 million. In 2018, he became the company’s largest shareholder and assumed the role of president.