Humanitarian Assistance in Ukraine

The Ukrainian crisis has been going on for months, and the violence between the opposing factions is escalating. As a result, civilians are paying the price – with their lives. In addition to being bombarded by artillery and mortars, they are also affected by shortages of food and medicines. Reaching these people requires an extraordinary effort to ensure that humanitarian assistance can get through them despite the fighting.

 1. Humanitarian assistance

Relief supplies are being distributed in conflict zones by non-governmental organizations, but because these groups have to rely on dangerous roads and checkpoints, the amount of available goods is minimal. And this has a psychological effect on the population and a material one; in other words, people are dying of hunger and diseases that could be prevented with the necessary supplies. The latter explains the extensive use of auxiliary services, such as airplanes and divers, which are being regularly used to deliver aid.

 2. Distribution

The Ukrainian government and the self-proclaimed separatists have signed an agreement in Berlin, where humanitarian aid will now be distributed to those in need. This agreement has made it possible to increase the number of goods reaching civilians, but a certain amount of instability remains. The Red Cross is especially concerned about separatist-held areas, where aid is still difficult to access.

 3. Financial help

Foreign donors are offering financial help to ensure that isolated populations can be reached with supplies quickly. It also takes money to ensure that people do not starve and provide them with healthcare. However, the suffering of civilians must not be forgotten once hostilities cease.


The Ukrainian crisis will not be resolved without the international community’s help. The conflict has caused so much damage that it is necessary to provide aid as quickly as possible. It is also important for humanitarian organizations to perform their work without having to worry about the use of force.