Things You Should Know About Hughes Marino In San Diego

Designed as an investment for the Hughes family, Hughes Marino was founded in 1947. It was incorporated in 1948, with the first residential project completed that year. Since then, the company has grown to be one of the top residential development companies in the country. Hughes Marino’s headquarters are in San Diego County, California.


At Hughes Marino, they have offices across the United States and Canada. Their residential development division focuses on single-family homes and townhouses, while their commercial division offers commercial properties such as industrial parks, shopping centers, and office buildings


Hughes Marino’s Property Types and Development Strategies

Hughes Marino Development Corporation focuses on residential and commercial developments. The company has a blend of development strategies, which they refer to as “identity.” Identity is a crucial factor when selecting a location for new development, and it can influence the experience of residents and guests. Identity can vary depending on the property being developed, and Hughes Marino has found many ways to incorporate it into their developments. Some examples of identity include using natural elements such as trees, architectural styles, and even a theme that pays homage to the surrounding area.


Hughes Marino Community Locations

Hughes Marino has developed residential communities in many locations, including Las Vegas, Nevada; Austin, Texas; Los Angeles, California; and Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. 



The development company has a diverse portfolio of property types and development strategies, including natural elements, architectural styles, and even a theme that pays homage to the surrounding area. With an emphasis on quality design and natural ingredients, Hughes Marino communities offer residents a variety of amenities and a high level of quality.