Thomas Neyhart: How Posigen and It Transformative Use of Solar Energy Empowers Communities

Posigen solar power company is a top provider of energy-efficient solar power to middle and low-income communities. The company was founded in 2011 by PosiGen CEO Thomas Neyhart. Over the years, the company has taken different approaches to improve the livelihood of the communities they serve. For instance, about 65% of their employees come from low-income neighborhoods.


They have managed to connect over 18,000 customers with affordable solar power across the seven states that they serve. Customers don’t have to pay any installation costs, and they benefit from home efficiency improvements that help families save money. PosiGen CEO Thomas Neyhart informs that to ensure that clients receive credits for the power they generate, Posigen provides them with a two-directional net meter. 


According to PosiGen CEO, clients receive payments for the power they produce through future electricity credit and lower electricity costs with this metering system. A unique aspect of this solar-powered option is that clients who use more energy than they generate can deliver more power from the grid. In cases where they generate more than they can use, they can send the excess energy to the grid and receive free credits in exchange. 

It’s even possible to use the free electricity credits to cater to your energy needs. The available option for clients who wish to join the solar program is leasing or purchasing. PosiGen CEO finally adds that over 12,000 homeowners in the United states have benefited from the Posigen lease program. This option is popular among many residents because it offers easy monthly payments and even includes energy-efficient upgrades.