Tom Keane: Azure Space Development

Tom Keane is the Corporate Vice-President of Azure Global Marketing. Just recently,  he talked about the importance of Azure in space development and what role Microsoft plays in empowering space efforts. According to Tom Keane, in the coming years, AI will generate breakthroughs that will profoundly impact society. The fact that it is created in labs and not on the streets and is automatically trained correctly with the help of an all-knowing machine makes AI a nightmare. 


Overall, Tom Keane explains, it has become a nightmare for law enforcement and security agencies. We can use this technology to not only track down criminals and terrorists but also to predict the probability of how such attacks will proceed. According to software developer and engineer Tom Keane, the last few decades saw major advancements in space exploration. 


Up to now, space exploration is evolving. Tom Keane keeps on stating that Microsoft was able to provide the tools and resources that allowed the International Space Station to be built. The Space Shuttle program, while not having an official commercial partner, was a major step toward the transportation of humans in space. However, none of these projects are independent of each other. 


Tom Keane says that the Space Shuttle program required the International Space Station to be finished for the Space Shuttle to be launched. With Azure, space engineers have a powerful tool to accelerate their projects and access cutting-edge technologies ( 

Tom Keane talks about how Microsoft uses the latest technologies to influence space development. He says that with Azure, Microsoft is bringing the latest AI to space and will create a new range of possibilities in this area. Tom Keane finally states that, from tracking down asteroids that could potentially cause damage on Earth to predicting their course, Microsoft aims to provide the tools that will allow people to explore space more comfortably.