Yubo App Embraces Gen Z Values

The Yubo app has been gaining ground among Generation Z by celebrating their values and priorities. The social live streaming platform is focused on fostering connections around the world through video chats and group discussions. Founded in 2015, Yubo has garnered EUR11 million in funding from investors including Iris Capital and Idinvest Partners. The app has 60 million users and 99% of them are Gen Z. The app is designed to promote sociability, sharing, authenticity – values that are very important to its core audience.

The app targets Gen Z, and understands that the demands of each generation differ. Baby boomers, millennials, and Gen Z are all looking for value in products and services, while Gen Z is demanding companies support social change. The app developers have recognized this shift in consumer demand and incorporated these values into the design of its product. It is currently the largest consumer group and will continue to do so.

In addition to embracing Gen Z values, Yubo focuses on empowering Gen Z. The Gen Z generation is committed to advocating for social change and is actively engaged in social movements. According to a recent survey, nearly 70 percent of Gen Zers believe the government should be more active. In the 2020 presidential election, around 52 to 55 percent of eligible young voters voted. This number impacted the final results.

The app embraces Gen Z values. This social media platform fosters authenticity, not popularity. Users are encouraged to share authentic feelings and experiences and to connect with other like-minded people. The platform also emphasizes authenticity and resilience instead of popularity. Sasha Lazimi, founder of the app, believes that the app can facilitate authentic connections between teens. This is possible by prioritizing meaningful connections.

They are also committed to embracing Gen Z values. Its in-app mental health campaign promotes awareness of racial injustice and has partnered with an NHS-approved digital mental wellbeing service called Good Thinking. The app also provides mental health education. Lastly, Yubo embraces Gen Z values by allowing users to share experiences and information related to mental health. They strive to create a better world by empowering the Gen Z generation.

The Gen Z generation has become a powerful force for social change, and their social activism and innovative ways to use technology are no exception. The generation has grown up digitally and is best reached through the internet. Its values are characterized by their innate desire to engage with society. During their formative years, it is no surprise that their interests are technology-driven. It is estimated that nearly half of Gen Zers are currently using at least one major social media platform.

While Gen Z values the concept of “cuffing” and “goals” in relationships, the company understands that these are not just a generation, but a way of life for Gen Z. They are the first generation to be truly global, and have grown up in an age of social media. The generation has grown up with the internet and made friends halfway across the world. They are the generation of the connected world, and Yubo knows this better than anyone.